Your Timebank's EMAIL address

The default email address for your TimeBank is  <shortname> This will become the "From:" address for emails and notifications sent from your TimeBank. For example if your TimeBank is  the default email address of your TimeBank is

Replies that come to will be sent to all "TB Primary Coordinators of your TimeBank. See more details at: Emails to the primary coordinators



All email sent from your Community Weaver will be sent from the email server One criteria that spam filters use to identify spam mail is when the "From:" address of the email uses a domain that is different from the domain of the email server sending that email. For this reason it is important to use an email address for your TimeBank that has the domain "".

To improve the speed and security of mail sent by CW, all outgoing mail from CW is required to use the domain "" Configuring a "From:" email address that is not using "" will prevent CW mail server from sending the message.

Please note that the recipients of <shortname> is updated / refreshed once every 24 hours, so if a primary coordinator changes his or her email address in your Timebank, then it will take up to 24 hours before it is updated in the primary coordinators email list. This means that the primary coordinator who changed an email address will not receive from that list until the list is updated.

To change the email address of your TimeBank:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Go to the section  Customize Your TimeBank
  3. Click on Edit Web Site Information
  4. Edit the field E-mail address