Setting Categories in your TimeBank Yellow Page Listing

  1. When viewing your own Yellow Page Listing, if you add or delete a check mark, that setting will immediately be saved. You do not have to click on a 'SAVE” button to save your choices. This is different from any other page that you can edit in Community Weaver.

  1. If you edit an offer and delete a category, it will not change the categories check-marked in your Yellow Page Listing.

  1. If you edit an offer and add a new category, it will be added to your Yellow Page Listing (if it is not already listed).

  1. If you mistakenly created a request and edit the request to change it to an offer, the categories will automatically be added to you Yellow Page Listing, if they are not already listed.

  1. If your offer expires or is deleted, it will not change the categories check marked for you. To remove a top level category or a sub-category you will need to go your own Yellow Page Listing and remove the check mark(s).

  1. If you reactivate an expired offer, it will not change the categories check marked for you.

  1. You can choose a top level category without choosing any of the corresponding sub-categories.

  1. If you choose a sub-category in the Yellow Pages, then you will automatically be listed for the corresponding top level category as well as the sub-category. You cannot be listed for a sub-category and not the corresponding top level category. This is the case for manual entries in your Yellow Pages Listing as well as for automatic listings when you create a new offer.

  1. When the Yellow Pages is first installed in a Community Weaver timebank it will find each of your offers and it will record the categories of those offers in your Yellow Page Listing.