Find Offers and Requests

On Community Weaver, other members have posted advertisements ("service ads") of services they can offer or would like to request. Please note that the current sort order is a mixture of recently updated and category. A very recent service add will cause that category to appear at the top of the list with other ads in that category, even if they are older.

To find service ads:

  1. There are three ways to find other member's service offers or requests:
    Option (1) - To browse ads BY CATEGORY (e.g. Transportation, Companionship, etc.), click on the tab Give & Receive
    Option (2) - To see ALL REQUESTS or ALL OFFERS only, hover over Give & Receive and click on View All Requests OR View All Offers.
    Option (3) - To see ALL current requests and offers together, hover over Give & Receive and click on View All Service Ads.
  2. From option 2 or 3 above, you may search for ads by any combination of keywordusernamecategory, or neighborhood.  Select as many of the criteria as you want and click Apply.  (Note that after a refresh of your time bank it can take up to 4 days for indexes to rebuild and for search to work fully.)
  3. When you find an interesting ad, click on the ad title to see the full description.
  4. If you want to reply to the ad, you can either:
    - Click on the Respond to this Post link beneath Action Links menu (top of the right list). A message form will drop down. The username of the member you intend to contact has already been filled in. Enter a subject line and message. Click Send to send the message.
    Click on the Send this Member a Message.  
    When you reply to an ad or the the member a message, that member will receive an email to come to the site and read your message.  You’ll get a notice when they respond to your response.
  5. Once you have fulfilled an offer or a request, be sure you >>record the hours<<.  You can do so from any add by clicking Record Hours for this Listing.