Find Members who are in the Yellow Pages Directory


  1.  In the Yellow Pages online display, you will be able to filter the list for a combination of category, neighborhood, county, city, state/province, and/or postal code.

    • The filters for category, neighborhood and county use a drop-down list to show you the possible choices.

    • The city field filter shows the cities that contains any of the letters entered. (Typing in 'ash' will display 'Washington' and and other city with 'ash' in its name, such as Wabash.)

    • The state/province filter autofill only shows states/provinces that are currently in the supported country list for the default country configured for your timebank. (As soon as you type the first letter of the state, it will list all states that begin with that letter.)

    • The postal code filters for all that entries that begin with the numbers or characters entered. (Entering the number '25' will display all postal codes that begin with '25'.)

    • Click on 'APPLY' to activate your filter choices.

    • The filter choices are 'sticky' and will remain as you chose then even if you navigate to another page. The filter will only return to default after logout and login again. This behavior is different from all other Community Weaver pages that offer filters.


  1. In the Yellow Pages display, you will be able to sort the list by first name, last name, neighborhood, county, city or state/province, but not by postal code. You will not be able to sort the list by category, neighborhood or county.

  1. In the Yellow Pages display, you will be able to see picture (if available), first name, last name, category, neighborhood, county, city, state/province, postal code for each entry. The category listed will be either the top-level category or the sub-category that was chosen. The listing does not show both the top-level and the sub-category for a listing in the Yellow Pages (top-level and sub-categories are listed separately). It also does not show the member's username.

  1. When you are viewing the Yellow Pages for your timebank, placing your cursor on an entry will highlight the entry in dark blue. Clicking anywhere on that dark blue field will take you to the profile of the member of that entry.

  1. Each entry includes a link “Contact <member's first name>” that can be used to send a message to that member (in the same manner as clicking on the yellow envelope icon in other parts of Community Weaver).

  1. The Yellow Pages includes a button “PRINT DIRECTORY” to print the entire Yellow Pages. This link sends the directly directly to your printer. This print out will list the top level categories and sub-categories alphabetically, under which the members will be listed. For each member listed in a category, it will show their full name, city, state/province (as an abbreviation) and postal code as well as their email and telephone number if they have chosen to reveal them. Be aware that the printed Yellow Pages Directory can possibly use many pages. Community Weaver does not show members a preview of the directory that will be printed, but you can user your printers preview to see what will be printed. The PRINT DIRECTORY prints the entire directory. The choices for filtering the online Yellow Pages are not used for the printed version.