Find Members

Get to know the members of you community by reviewing their profiles. Its fun to find out all the interests you have in common with neighbors that you didn’t know.

There are two main ways to find a member on Community Weaver.  

First, you'll want to find your TimeBank and log in, then:

From the Give & Receive Menu

  1. All members can search for members by finding and clicking View All Members under the Give & Recieve menu.
    Note: members are listed chronologically according to the order in which they signed up.
  2. (Optional) Selected a neighborhood or affiliation to sort by these criteria.
  3. Type in the any part of a member's Full Name.
  4. Click on Apply.
  5. Click on the user in the list to view their full profile.

From Any Page

  1. Locate the Search Field in the top right-hand corner of your site from any page.  
  2. Type in the any part of a member's Full NameUsername, or Email Address and click Search.
  3. Click on the username in the search results to view the profile of the member.