Create an Offer or Request

A great way to prompt exchanges in your TimeBank community is to create service advertisements for offers and requests.  It is just as important that you put up listings for receiving as well as giving.

  1. There are two ways to create a Service Ad:
    Option (1) - Hover over the Give & Receive tab in the menu. When the drop down menu appears, click on Post a Service Ad.
    Option (2) - Click on the My Account tab in the menu to go to your profile, then click on Post a new Offer of a Service or Post a new Request for a Service under Current Offers and Current Requests on the right-hand side of your profile.
  2. Put all the details of you service offer or request in the Title and Description (required).  In order to publish the ad, the description must contain at least 10 words. 
    Tip: We are building community and people want to get a sense of the person behind the ad, so the more detailed and personable your ad is, the better.  You may want to add details like: who’s providing any tools and materials to be used, your level of expertise on the subject, urgency of the need, your expectations of the other member, pertinent information regarding allergies, gender preferences, restrictions on mobility, etc.
    Tip: You may add pictures and hyperlinks to your ad if appropriate by clicking the icons in the menu above the text space.
  3. You must select a category for the ad.  If you want to use subcategories (which is strongly recommended), click on the green arrows or small plus signe to the left of the category titles and the sub-categories will appear. You can assign at most 3 categories to any one service ad.
  4. Mark any times you are available in the Availability section.
  5. Review or change the Expiration Date for the add.  The default is 3 months after the service ad is created. You can choose an earlier or later expiration date.
  6. Click the Preview button (lower right) to see how your ad will appear.
  7. If you are satisfied, scroll down and click Save. Otherwise, scroll down and edit the fields, Preview again, or Save once you have made your changes.
Your have now established a potential exchange in the system! You don’t need to check back to look for responses. When someone responds to your ad, the system will automatically send you an email with a link directly to their response.
Note: All ads are set by default to expire 3 months from when you create them, but you can also change that date any time, either when you create teh ad or after your create it.  How to reinstate an expired service ad.