Why doesn't my timebank appear on the MAP?

Why doesn't my timebank appear on the MAP?

If your Timebank's profile at Action Hub does not have the correct address information, the map software will not set a pinpoint. The Action Hub user who is the entered as the responsible person for your TImebank can edit your Timebank's profile.

The person responsible for your TimeBank's has to login to their Action Hub account and edit the location of your TImeBank. Login to Action Hub, click on the tab  "My Account" and you will see on the lower left of the page under "Manage My Timebanks" your Timebank's name.

Please note: If your Timebank is not listed on your "My Account" page then your Action Hub account is not registered as the one responsible for your Timebank. If you are the peson responsible for your Timebank, contact the Timebanks USA office to get your Action Hub account registered for your Timebank.

If you see your Timebank's name, click on the "Edit" link next to it.  You can now edit your Timebank's profile in the Directory of Timebanks.

PLEASE NOTE: On October 25, 2011 the TimeBank's addresses were imported into the TimeBank directory as they were stored in CW1, with state's initials instead of full state names (e.g. "ME" instead of "Maine").  Unfortunately, the map program can't recognize initials, so you'll need to re-save your address with the full state name in order for the map tool to recognize your address and place a marker on the map.

So, go the the section  "Location" and type your full state name in the state field.  It  should auto-complete state names it recognizes. For the map to work best, please also include your Timebank's street address and postal code. Click on "Save" and check the map.

Please note that the information recorded in your Timebank's profile is the information that Timebanks USA uses when it wants to contact your Timebank.  As the Action Hub develops you, as the Network Affiliate for your Timebank,  will also be able to see your Timebank's status, renewal date and payment information.

We apologize for the inconvenience.