How to create a FAQ? (Frequently Asked Question - FAQ and answer)

How to create a FAQ? (Frequently Asked Question - FAQ and answer)

If you have found the answer to a question and you think that others would be interested in that answer, please add the questionand answer to the FAQ list.

Under the tab "Support Requests" you will find the FAQ. Is is divided into a number of categories and sub-categories.  There are already some FAQ's there, but I am sure that there are still many more questions and answers that could be included.

I invite you to add your useful questions & answers to the FAQ section of the Action Hub. Here is how to do it:

  1. Under the tab "Collaboration" click on the link to "Create FAQ Entry".
  2. Write the question in the "Question" field.
  3. I suggest that in the question we use UPPER CASE for one or at most two key words. This helps those browsing the FAQ's to find an the issues they are looking for.
  4. Under "FAQ Categories", choose the appropriate category or sub-categotry for your question and answer.
  5. Write your answer in th "Answer" field.
  6. Save


  • The category can be easily changed at a later date.
  • Please try to keep the answers short. Instead of very long texts, make a link to existing information.
  • If any of the FAQ content fits in the CW manual, then we can move it there and just link to it in the FAQ.