How can I FIND a Timebank in the directory?

How can I FIND a Timebank in the directory?

In the Directory of Timebanks use the search function to look for the name, state, ctiy, state or country of a TImebank.

You can also look for the pinpoint on the map to find a timebank near you. Do not overlook that you may have to zoom in to see the different Timebanks that are located very near each other, for example in the same city.  If they are located very close to each other, the pinpoints will overlap.

WARNING: Currently some Timebanks are not shown with a pinpoint. If you are a coordinator of a TImebank and there is not piinoint for it, submit a support request in the Action Hub.

You can as see a list of Timebanks in the following categories:

  • Click on the "UNITED STATES LIST"
  • Click on the "CANADA LIST"
  • Click on the "INTERNATIONAL LIST"

To search a list you can use your web browser's search function.