How can I EDIT my Timebank's information in the DIRECTORY of TIMEBANKS?

How can I EDIT my Timebank's information in the DIRECTORY of TIMEBANKS?

The person responsible for your TimeBank, the Timebank Affiliate, can edit their Timebank's directory information. The information recorded in the Timebank's profile is used for the display in the Directory of Timebanks.

Once every day your logo and your mission statement are copied from your Timebank's database into your Timebank's profile in the  directory. For that reason you can not edit them directly in the profile of your Timebank in the directory. The number of your active members is also updated in ther directory once every day.

To edit yout Timebank's profile:

  1. Login to Action Hub,
  2. Click on the tab  "My Account" and you will see on the lower left, of the page under "Manage My Timebanks" your Timebank's name.
  3. Click in "Edit next to your timebank
  4. You can now edit your Timebank's profile in the Directory of Timebanks

NOTE: If your Timebank is not listed on your "My Account" page then your Action Hub account is not registered as the one responsible for your Timebank. If you are the Timebank Affiliate for your Timebank, contact Timebanks USA to get your Action Hub account registered for your Timebank.

As the Action Hub develops the Timebank USA Affiliate for your Timebank,  will also be able to see your Timebank's status, renewal date and payment information and will also be able to pay your Timebank's fees with this access.

Please keep your Timebank's profile up-to-date.