Frequently Asked Questions

Directory of Timebanks

In the Directory of Timebanks use the search function to look for the name, state, ctiy, state or country of a TImebank.

You can also look for the pinpoint on the map to find a timebank near you. Do not overlook that you may have to zoom in to see the different Timebanks that are located very near each other, for example in the same city.  If they are located very close to each other, the pinpoints will overlap.

WARNING: Currently some Timebanks are not shown with a pinpoint. If you are a coordinator of a TImebank and there is not piinoint for it, submit a support request in the Action Hub.

You can as see a list of Timebanks in the following categories:

  • Click on the "UNITED STATES LIST"
  • Click on the "CANADA LIST"
  • Click on the "INTERNATIONAL LIST"

To search a list you can use your web browser's search function.

To contact a TImebank listed in the directory, click on the yellow envelope icon next to the Timebank's name. You will be presented with a contact form which will send your email to the primary coordinators of that Timebank.

The number of active members in your timebank in the Directory of Timebanks is only updated once every 24 hours.

If your Timebank's profile at Action Hub does not have the correct address information, the map software will not set a pinpoint. The Action Hub user who is the entered as the responsible person for your TImebank can edit your Timebank's profile.

The person responsible for your TimeBank's has to login to their Action Hub account and edit the location of your TImeBank. Login to Action Hub, click on the tab  "My Account" and you will see on the lower left of the page under "Manage My Timebanks" your Timebank's name.

Please note: If your Timebank is not listed on your "My Account" page then your Action Hub account is not registered as the one responsible for your Timebank. If you are the peson responsible for your Timebank, contact the Timebanks USA office to get your Action Hub account registered for your Timebank.

If you see your Timebank's name, click on the "Edit" link next to it.  You can now edit your Timebank's profile in the Directory of Timebanks.

PLEASE NOTE: On October 25, 2011 the TimeBank's addresses were imported into the TimeBank directory as they were stored in CW1, with state's initials instead of full state names (e.g. "ME" instead of "Maine").  Unfortunately, the map program can't recognize initials, so you'll need to re-save your address with the full state name in order for the map tool to recognize your address and place a marker on the map.

So, go the the section  "Location" and type your full state name in the state field.  It  should auto-complete state names it recognizes. For the map to work best, please also include your Timebank's street address and postal code. Click on "Save" and check the map.

Please note that the information recorded in your Timebank's profile is the information that Timebanks USA uses when it wants to contact your Timebank.  As the Action Hub develops you, as the Network Affiliate for your Timebank,  will also be able to see your Timebank's status, renewal date and payment information.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The person responsible for your TimeBank, the Timebank Affiliate, can edit their Timebank's directory information. The information recorded in the Timebank's profile is used for the display in the Directory of Timebanks.

Once every day your logo and your mission statement are copied from your Timebank's database into your Timebank's profile in the  directory. For that reason you can not edit them directly in the profile of your Timebank in the directory. The number of your active members is also updated in ther directory once every day.

To edit yout Timebank's profile:

  1. Login to Action Hub,
  2. Click on the tab  "My Account" and you will see on the lower left, of the page under "Manage My Timebanks" your Timebank's name.
  3. Click in "Edit next to your timebank
  4. You can now edit your Timebank's profile in the Directory of Timebanks

NOTE: If your Timebank is not listed on your "My Account" page then your Action Hub account is not registered as the one responsible for your Timebank. If you are the Timebank Affiliate for your Timebank, contact Timebanks USA to get your Action Hub account registered for your Timebank.

As the Action Hub develops the Timebank USA Affiliate for your Timebank,  will also be able to see your Timebank's status, renewal date and payment information and will also be able to pay your Timebank's fees with this access.

Please keep your Timebank's profile up-to-date.

If two Timebanks are located very near each other, their pinpoints may overlap. Please enlarge the map and as you zoom in the two pinpoints will show each timebank separately.

It depends upon where you want to change the address.

  • The yellow envelope icon in the directory uses the email addresses in the "Contact us" link in your Timebank. To change that email address see Manage the "Contact Us" Form.
  • In the Directory of Timebanks your TImebank lists a "Timebank Contact".  To change that email address, change the email addrerss of that person's Action Hub account.
  • To change the email addrss of your Timebank's Affiliate, change the email address in that person's Action Hub account.




General (6)

General issues about Community Weaver 2.0


On any Community Weaver page, click on  "Help"


All help guides are at

If you are a member of a Community Weaver Timebank and have lost your password:

  1. Go to your Timebank's home page.
  2. In the box "User login" click on the link "Request new password"
  3. Enter your email address for the account.
  4. You will be sent an email with a one-time login so that you can log in and change your password.


If you do not see the email from Community Weaver please check your spam folder.

This only works if you are already a member of that Timebank.

How to REPORT a problem with Community Weaver?

If technical support is not able to view your screen when the error happens, then you need to provide them with the details that enables them to know what you were doing where and what happened that you did not expect.  Obviously. "CW doesn't work." is not enough information. Neither is "I could not do XYZ."

To be of help we need to know:

  1. Where, within Community Weaver, were you when the error happened? What page were you viewing?
    • Provide us with the URL of the page you were viewing before the error occured (while everything was still OK).
  2. What did you do just before the error happened? What triggered the error?
    • Did you enter data in a field?  Which data? In which field?
    • Did you click on a button or link?  Which one?
    • Or was it anoher action or activity that triggered the error?
  3. What was the error observed?
    • If there was an error message, include a copy of the error message (usually inside a red box).
    • If there was no error message from the program, describe what you observed and how it was different from what you expected to happen.
  4. Where did you end up after the error?
    • What is the URL of the page you saw after the error appeared? This may often be the same URL as in item 1, but it might also be a different one.
  5. Other information:
    • Is there any other unusual activity that you noticed?
    • Can the error be repeated?
  6. Please do not forget to give us:
    • the name of your Timebank (the URL).
    • the Community Weaverr role (Member, Asst Coordinator, Coordinator or Primary Coordinator) of the account that you were using when the erroe happened.

Providing thorough information about the issue will enable us to better understand your situation and will also enable us to give you a quicker answer.

To protect your security, please do not post your password or other private information in the support tickets and emails.


The short answer is: Because it is not one software.

The long answer:

The Community Weaver verson 2 that we use is built upon Drupal, an open source software, which is a collection of many hundreds of individual software packages (called a modules), each maintained by different people. Community Weaver uses over 150 Drupal modules. Two of those modules have been written by GeekGene. Additionally each CW Timebank site has its own database in which not only the Timebank members' profile, service ads and exchanges are stored, BUT it is also where all the settings for that timebank are stored.

  • If the desired change requires a change in one of the Drupal modules, then we have to contact the maintainer of that Drupal module to request the change.
  • If the desired change is in one of the 2 modules written by GeekGene specifically for Community Weaver, then we ask GeegGene to make the change.
  • If the desired change is actually some settings stored in the Community Weaver database, then the database entry for each of the several hundreds of Community Weaver Timebanks needs to be changed. These changes can be made by GeekGene but need to be rolled out to all of the individual CommunityWeaver databases.

The use of open source Drupal allows for many individual changes to Timebanks, but also complicates the revisions and updates for all.


A full backup of Community Weaver files is done on a weekly basis with incremental backups done on a nightly basis.  The incremental backup saves CW database content every night.  These files are kept for three weeks. The weekly backup is also duplicated at a second physical location.

Use our collaborative site, the Timebanks Action Hub.  If you do not have an account there, create an Action Hub Account. If you already have an account in the Action Hub, login to that account.

Then go to Submit a Community Weaver Issue to submit a support request about Community Weaver.

For general or Action Hub issues go to other support requests.

Known Bugs (2)

Add known CW 2.0 issues and bugs here.

Known Bugs

This is a known bug, which is on the to-be-fixed list. The workaround: After choosing the exchange of hours to edit, do not click on the “Edit” button at the top of the page, but instead use the “Change” button at the bottom of the page.

Ads from blocked members are unfortunately still visible and can be responded to. The work-around is that the adds from a blocked user can now be unpublished. For the details, see:

Members (10)

For the Community Weaver 2.0 members


Usually this happens because the member’s email provider or email program tagged the notification as spam.

  1. Members can look in their spam folder.
  2. Members add the email address that sent the notification to their address book. This will identify future notifications as wanted instead of as spam.
  3. Some email providers allow their users to enter an email address or domain (here iin a "white list", which is a list of email addresses or domains that are will not be marked as span.
  4. If the Timebank does not send from an email addrress  <name> it increases the likelihood of the mail being erroneously identified as spam. See the CW CoordinatorsFAQ about:  Community Weave email is identified as spam

Since only people who are logged in to the Timebank can use it, the links in email notifications will only work if the member is logged in before clicking on the link. Please log in to the Timebank and then use the link.

Most likely it is now after the expiration date of the offer or request. After a service ad expires, it is removed from public view (but not deleted). You can reactivate it by giving it a new future expiration date.  See: Finding and Reactivating Expired Offers and Requests

What happened:  Your web browser tried to interpret the web page’s HTML but could not make sense of it. So the best it could do was to issue the “An error occurred” message then list the HTML code for that page.

What to do:  Just log out of Community Weaver, clear the web browser’s cache, close the web browser, then reopen it and try again.

By default, deleted messages are "flushed" after 30 days.  To flush deleted messages right away...

  1. Log in as primary coordinator
  2. In the URL bar of your browser enter http://<YOURTIMEBANKNAME>
  3. In the "Flush deleted messages" section, change "Flush messages after they have been deleted for more days than:" to zero.
  4. Click "Save Configuration".
  5. Henceforth, those deleted messages will disappear within an hour (when cron runs).

It means the web server didn't know how to deal with some of the data submitted.  We've found for CW2.0 this tends to happen when a user has multiple browser tabs or windows open to the site.  Some of the partially submitted data gets sent along when save or submit is clicked in the other tab/window.  Just close one of the tabs and try again.

Most mail tools have an option called "Show all headers" or "Show original". explains how to view headers in many popular mail tools.

Community Weaver has not been tested on the iPad or Android.  Some things work just fine; other things not so much.  Use at your own risk.

The offers, requests and exchanges in a Community Weaver 2.0 site are considered private. Members need to login to their Timebank to see them. Therefore the RSS feeds are behind the login and you have to be logged into the site to see them.  Google Reader and many others RSS readers do not support private RSS feeds and therefore have no access to the Community Weaver RSS feeds.

Coordinators (18)

For the Community Weaver Coordinators


To find someone who is awaiting email confirmation:

  1. Open the control panel and click on the link for Edit Roles/Permissions of Multiple Users.
  2. Click the radio button for role.
  3. Select "awaiting email confirmation" from the adjacent pulldown.
  4. Click the Filter button.

To find someone who is blocked (possibly a former member):

  1. Open the control panel and click on the link for Edit Roles/Permissions of Multiple Users.
  2. Click the radio button for status.
  3. Select "blocked" from the adjacent pulldown.
  4. Click the Filter button.

There are many reasons why spam filter think that an email is spam.

1. One criteria that spam filters use to identify spam mail is when the "From:" address of the email uses a domain that is different from the domain of the email server sending that email. All email sent from your Community Weaver will be sent from the email server For this reason it is important to use an email address for your Timebank that has the domain "".  If you set your Timebank's email to another address please be aware that you will be increasing the likelihood that email from your Timebank to your members will be waylaid by spam filters.

2. If email recipients accept an email from your Timebank once, or for some providers, if the Timebank's email is added to their contact list, then the spam filters will allow all future email from the Timebank will arrive normally.  This is also one reason why

it is important to have a new members confirm the email validation that is sent to them.



To edit an announcement:

  1. As coordinator, go to your home page.
  2. In the announcement box, click on "all announcements".
  3. Click on the announcement that you want to edit or delete.
  4. Click in "Edit"
  5. Edit the announcement
  6. At the bottom of the page, click on "Save"

To delete an announcement:

  1. As coordinator, go to your home page.
  2. In the announcement box, click on "all announcements".
  3. Click on the announcement that you want to edit or delete.
  4. Click in "Edit"
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Delete"


If the minutes are the same and the hours are different, it’s probably a time zone problem.

The Configure Time Zone & Settings link is in the lower left corner of the Control Panel. Set your time bank’s time zone there.  By clicking on the FORMAT link you can change the format of the time and date.

Also disable user-configurable time zones unless you really have a need for users to have their own time zone (they live in a time zone that is different from the Timebank's).

A Community Weaver site-administrator can do this. For more informatoin about this go to:








It really did change, but your web browser's cache may be retaining the old picture.  Refresh the web browser using Control-R or Command-R and the new image will appear.  

You can set up a quicklink in your Community Weaver to show the RSS feed, Click here for details.

The offers, requests and exchanges in a Community Weaver 2.0 site are considered private. Therefore the RSS feeds are behind the CW login. You have to be logged into the site with the right level of access to see them.  Google Reader and many others RSS readers do not support private RSS feeds. 

Community Weaver 2.0 was built using the Acquia Marina theme which for CW was name "timebanks default".  While other themes can be configured, we can't guarantee everything will work properly.  For example, service categories don't show on the Record an Exchange pages with some alternative themes.  For best results only use the theme "timebanks default."


Community Weaver is built on Drupal, and a Drupal site administrator can change your local site’s settings and defaults.

Please note:

  • The basic CW member and coordinator manuals do not cover changes in CW sites that implement customizations by a site-administrator.
  • That Timebanks USA support team does not have the resources to support Community Weaver sites that have been customized by a site-administrator.


Some time bank members do not have actual email addresses, so the email address field in the profile contains a place-holder (fake) email address.  The message is issued when Community Weaver attempts to send an email to such an address.  It's just letting you know that the member is not going to get an email notification.

Web Site Footer Text

Does the bottom blue bar on your TimeBank's home page still show the information:

This Friendly Neighborhood TimeBank is a project of Organization X

1290 Williams St., Denver, CO 80014 ~ (303) 555-5555

If so, you have not yet updated your web site' “footer” information since the launch of Community Weaver. This might be confusing to your members or prospective members.

As Coordinator, go to your Control Panel, find the section “Customize Your Timebank” and click on the link "Edit Web Site Footer Text". There you can edit the text that appears in the footer of each page of your TimeBank web site. Let people know your Timebank's contact information.

What is happening?

  • Individuals from other countries, especially China, Korea, Russia, etc. trying to join your TimeBank.
  • The individuals start the process of creating a new account on your TimeBank and you receive an email notification about this.

Why do they do this?

  • They enter their web addresses (URL) in their profile and hope that someone finds it and clicks on it. The web site in those links is typically an offer of something for sale or will try to download malware on your computer.
  • Do not click on their links.  

Normal procedures for a Community Timebank:

  1. Each TimeBank has a  "Create new account" link on its home page. This allows anyone on the Internet to start the process of creating a new account. The Primary Coordinator receives an email notification that the new account creation process has begun.  The person creating the new account also receives a validation email.
  2. It is up to the TimeBank's coordinators to either accept the new account and make it a member account or to reject the application and delete the account.  This is a normal process for a CW TimeBank.

How to deal with these inappropriate new accounts?

  • The easiest way to deal with this is for the coordinator to use the link in the notification email to delete the account. (The coordinator has to be logged in to use the delete link.)  See: Delete unwanted accounts
  • Technically is is possible to change the software so that no one (except the coordinator) could start the process of creating a new account. That would mean that the coordinator would have to enter all the profile information required to create an account. This would increase the workload for coordinators.
  • There are also Drupal modules (Botcha and Spambot) that have proven to be successful in stopping these phony accounts if they are set up by spam robots. The issue is that they need to be installed on every Community Weaver site, which requires system administrator access.
  • If the fields for entering web links were not available to people creating a new account, then they would have minimal interest to create the phony accounts. The suggestion is to move those fields to a section of Community Weaver that can only be edited after a person is approved for membership.

Some additional thoughts on this issue

Part of the issue is how  we want to present TimeBanks to the public. Perhaps it is somewhat like running a retail store.  Some people come into the store and want to interact as you expect (they want to buy your goods), others just wander in look and maybe become interested and buy something. Others wander in with no particular goal and leave without buying. Still others come in with other motives (want to get out of the heat or cold, have time to "kill", want something that you are not  offering, are "just looking", or want to sell you something, etc.) Those that come in with other motives are "wasting our time" but that might be part of the "cost" of running a web site that is (and needs to be) accessible to the public. Or do we want to put up the equivalent of bouncers or border patrols?


People may create accounts in Community Weaver with no intention of being a part of a timebank, they simply want you to visit their web site links. 

Do not click on the web site links in their profile. 

You should delete (not block) these.

There are several ways to delete an account:

  • Primary Coordinators receive an email notification for each new user account that was created. In that email is a link to edit and to delete that account. You can use those links to quickly access the new account, either to edit or view the information provided by the new user and then to, if necessary, to delete them, OR you can use the delete link to immediately delete the new user account.
  • You can also go to the new accounts shown in the list of  "Users Awaiting Approval of their Membership" and after checking them out, you can use the DELETE button in that account.
  • You can also see the CW Coordinators Manual for" Deleting an account from the "Users Awaiting Approval of their Membership"
  • You can also go to the Control Panel of your timebank and use the link "'Edit Roles/Permissions of Multiple Users'
    1. search for all  with the role 'awaiting email confirmation'
    2. choose those you want to delete (add check mark)
    3. use the "Update' option to delete all with a check mark



Site Admin (14)

Advanced customization issues for Site-Admins.

Site Admin

Go to the application form at: Site Administrator Application Form

Access to the CW2 Timebanks server via FTP only permits certain access.  Specifically, as a Site Admin, you will not have access to Drupal core or any of the contributed or custom modules shared across all the timebanks sites.  This is a Drupal multisite environment so each site has it's own directories.  When you login, you will see only three symlinks, to /files, /modules and /themes.  These links take you into directories just for your timebank.   

  • /files - contains files used only by your site.  Mostly this is for user pictures and images uploaded to the site.
  • /modules - starts out empty.  If you want to add any contributed or custom modules only usable by your site, this is where they go.
  • /themes - starts out empty.  if you want to add your own theme(s) and/or css files, this is where they go.
These symlinks should suffice for most Drupal development you'll do on your site.  However if there's a library you want to install that must go into a /library directory, please contact and we can accommodate you.
Note: Not all site admin access or changes to your Drupal site will require FTP access. If you don't know what you're doing once you login via FTP, consider asking yourself if you really need ftp access.  Another note, some ftp clients cannot navigate symlinks.  If you see nothing in any of the directories when you first login, please try another ftp client.

This is a multi-site environment. Writing bad PHP is the main way to cause harm to other sites on the Timebanks server. Please be selective about any PHP added and have EXTRA caution when doing so.  See the Site-Admin Privileged Access Agreement for more details.

As a Community Weaver site administrator you can make many changes in your local site’s settings and defaults. Please note that Timebanks USA support team does not have the resources to  support Community Weaver sites that have been customized by a site-administrator, especially if it is about the results of such customizations.

  • Browse this Site-Admin FAQ.
  • You can ask other site-admins for help.
  • You can ask GeekGene for help (for a fee).

When building views, build them as new views.  Don't add another display to an existing view. Create new or clone and rename existing views.  If you don't do this and we ever need to fix or change the included views down the road this will wipe out any changes you've made.

Changing a Field to Required or Optional

This is useful if your time bank has specific requirements.  For example, some countries do not have states or provinces.  Its setting is in /admin/user/settings at the bottom of the page below the save button in Collection settings.  Change the Collect drop down box for State/Province to either Do Not Collect or Allow.

Jim Tate’s customization document for CW site-admins contains topics:

  • Replace the calendar Icon
  • Rename User Login to Member Login
  • Add Who’s Online Widget to Home Page
  • Change No Events Listed message
  • Make Calendar and Events visible to the public
  • Allow Members to create and edit event

and can be found at:

Navigate to admin: /admin/content/node-type/alert/fields/field_expiration_date and change the Years back and forward field

from 0:1

to  -0:+1   Go to the user profile template in the content section and you'll see the expired ads block.
Click on the little gear for that block.  Under visibility rules click settings.  It would probably be more useful to change it from All criteria must pass to Only one criterion must pass.  Thus members can see their own ads and coordinators, can see everyone's ads.

The site administrator can do the following:  Go to Home » User management » Permissions, walk down the list several pages to the "Privatemsg Module" section. Uncheck the roles for "read all private messages". Save your permission changes.  (Thanks to Jim Tate.)

It means the web server didn't know how to deal with some of the data submitted.  We've found for CW2.0 this tends to happen when a user has multiple browser tabs or windows open to the site.  Some of the partially submitted data gets sent along when save or submit is clicked in the other tab/window.  In every case we've seen, simply trying again works.  You can make the message more friendly if you like by following the steps below.

Go to /admin/user/permissions ( or using the menu bar click User management, then Permissions

Scroll down to Stringoverrides module and click the box for TBUSA site admin for the row administer string overrides.

If you aren't very familiar with Drupal don't check or uncheck any other boxes on this page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE PERMISSIONS

Now go to /admin/settings/stringoverrides, or using the admin bar, Site Configuration, then String Overrides.

In an empty field in the left column copy and paste the following text exactly: An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

In the corresponding box to the right, enter your replacement message.  We suggest: Oops, an error has occurred.  This may have been caused because you have another browser window/tab open.  Try again.


Community Weaver 2.0 uses the Acquia Marina theme.  To override the theme, a site administrator can download their  own copy and modify the attached files.  local.css replaces the included one in the theme's css directory.  mc_3rdparty_formspecial.tpl.php (you'll need to edit the filename to match once downloaded) goes in the root directory of the theme. Download links for these files appear for logged in users of sufficient permission. These files were current as of 03-08-12 but going forward will not necessarily match the ones under revision control.

Removing the Site-Admin Role Privilege


Community Weaver 2 protects against accidental and unauthorized changes to members who have been granted certain roles.  As members move out of roles or transfer to another TimeBank, or Drupal developers rotate in and out of your TimeBank, you may need to remove their Admin role.  You may also wish to change passwords for Admin accounts used by non-member Drupal developers.  These instructions allow you to make these kinds of changes.


Procedure Steps:


  1. Navigate to the Admin Menu Bar, select User Management - Permissions
  2. Scroll down to the User Protect Module section – make sure Administer User Protect is enabled for your SA role, save any permission changes
  3. Navigate back to the Admin Menu Bar, select User Management – User protect – Protected Roles
  4. Uncheck the Roles and/or Password check box for TBUSA Site admin and click Save Configuration
  5. From the Control Panel select Edit Roles/Permissions of Multiple Users
  6. Find the member who’s Site Admin role you wish to remove, put a check in the account selection box
  7. Use the pull down Update Options function, scroll to the Remove a Role section and click the role you wish to remove
  8. Click Update
  9. If changing an account Password, click the Edit button to the right of account name under the Operations column.  This takes you directly to account maintenance
  10. Type a new password in both fields, be sure to write it down someplace where you can easily retrieve it when you need it again 
  11. Scroll to the bottom and click Save
  12. Have the member/account login and make sure everything works as expected
  13. Now you will need to put the protection back, so repeat steps 3 and 4 to re-enable protections




General (3)

General issues about Action Hub.


After you created a new account on the Action Hub you will automatically be sent an email notification with a request to confirm your email.  The email verification notification includes a link to click on. Click on that link to confirm your email and finish the creation of the new account.

If you did not see the email notification from Action Hub, please look in your spam folder for the mail. Mark that mail as "not spam" and click on the link.

This will complete the creation of a new account and should allow you to see the application forms on the Action Hub.


If you have found the answer to a question and you think that others would be interested in that answer, please add the questionand answer to the FAQ list.

Under the tab "Support Requests" you will find the FAQ. Is is divided into a number of categories and sub-categories.  There are already some FAQ's there, but I am sure that there are still many more questions and answers that could be included.

I invite you to add your useful questions & answers to the FAQ section of the Action Hub. Here is how to do it:

  1. Under the tab "Collaboration" click on the link to "Create FAQ Entry".
  2. Write the question in the "Question" field.
  3. I suggest that in the question we use UPPER CASE for one or at most two key words. This helps those browsing the FAQ's to find an the issues they are looking for.
  4. Under "FAQ Categories", choose the appropriate category or sub-categotry for your question and answer.
  5. Write your answer in th "Answer" field.
  6. Save


  • The category can be easily changed at a later date.
  • Please try to keep the answers short. Instead of very long texts, make a link to existing information.
  • If any of the FAQ content fits in the CW manual, then we can move it there and just link to it in the FAQ.


  • You can set you account to notify you whenever someone makes a change in the content of the Action Hub.
  • You can choose to be notified when a certain content type is written or edited.
  • You can choose to be notified when a certain Action Hub user edits or writes anything.


There are two ways to set your notification.

Method 1 -  Is through your profile

To access all of your notification settings:

  1. Click on the "My Account" tab.
  2. Under "Manage My Settings" click on "Manage my Email Notifications".
  3. Click on the "Add Subscription" tab.
  4. Choose the content type that for which you want to be notified.
  5. Save the settings.

You can also

  • view your subscriptions under the tab "Subscriptions"
  • find your status and other commands under the teb "Overview"


Method 2  - is at each Action Hub item

At each Action Hub item (forum, manual, post, task, comment, etc.), you will find a blue bar that shows the commands that are available. Most times you will be able to click on a "Subscribe to:" link.

For example:

  • "Subscribe to: This post."
  • "Subscribe to: Posts of type XYZ."
  • etc.


Choose the items that you want to subscribe to. At the same locations you can also choose to un-subscribe.


If you want to follow the CW manuals and any changes to the manuals, subscribe to notifications about the content type  "Help Documentation"

Workgroups (1)

Issues about using Working Groups in Action Hub.


New refers to the number of unread or new items in the group.  As soon as you go to the page that displays each of those new items, the count will go down until you've visited all "new" pages and the word "new" will disappear as well.  Remember these can be group posts, group events, group files, group projects, or group project tasks.  We don't have the text "new" displaying at each of the summaries of group posts yet, so it's hard to see which are the new ones.  3/9/12