Change or Confirm your Timebank's Licensee (aka Representative)

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Each Community Weaver timebank is required to have a CW Licensee, aka Representative to Timebanks USA. 

Please note, if you do not see the web form below, you will first need log into your Action Hub account or if you do not yet have an account create a new account in our Action Hub.

Your timebanks CW Licensee (aka Representative) is the individual who has entered into a license  agreement with Timebanks USA which includes (among other things):

  • the use of Timebank USA trademarks, service marks, information, and resources.
  • the use of Community Weaver software on the TB USA website, including hosting and maintenance of the site.
  • the payment of a yearly fee or Timebanks USA.

Your Timebank's Representative is responsible for the information about your Timebank in the Directory of Timebanks.

To change or to confirm your CW Licensee (aka Representative), please fill out the form below.

  • Identify the name of the Timebank for which you are the CW Licensee, aka Representative to Timebanks USA.
  • Enter the current CW Licensee's contact information.
  • If you are taking over the role from someone else, please enter their contact information under "Previous Representative".

As the new CW Licensee, sign the Community Weaver License Agreement with Timebanks USA.

TBUSA will contact the current CW Licensee (Representative) to get confirmation of teh change.

Timebanks USA will confirm the change.

Thank you for your help.