Apply to start a new Timebank using the Community Weaver 3 online software

We are always glad to help a new TimeBank get started. If you have not already visited the TBUSA web site, please go to Get Started or the introduction to our online TimeBank software Community Weaver (version 3).  Then, if you are ready to actually use the software, come back here and apply for your Community Weaver 3 start up. 

If you are starting a new Timebank and do not yet have the online software set up, you’ll need to sign up with your information, sign the TimeBank use agreement for Community Weaver 3, and pay a small start-up fee of $25.

  • For member-led TimeBanks we do not charge ongoing fees to host your TimeBank on Community Weaver 3. However, in the spirit of reciprocity, we will be inviting you to contribute to Community Weaver 3 online software as a community resource.
  • For TimeBanks that receive grant or other funding, we do invoice to enable you to set up a line-item in your budget -- and will work with you to establish an invoice amount. Click Here for information about our policy. 

Please use thelinks in the steps below.

  1. If you do not have your personal user account on the Action Hub web site, please create one so that we know how to contact you. Use your personal email, postal address and phone number so that we know how to contact you.
  2. If you already have a personal user account on the Action Hub, please login to that account.
  3. Fill out the Timebank Application Form, which includes the Timebank use Agreement followed by the request for the start up fee payment. By signing the agreement, you will become the representative from your timebank to TBUSA. (If necessary, this can be changed at a later date.)

After you have submitted your application, the affiliate agreement and the payment to TBUSA, we will launch your new timebank. Timebanks are launched once a week. That means, in the normal flow of things, your new timebank will be launched 7 to 10 days after your payment has been processed by TBUSA.